First impressions count. Especially when choosing who to trust

your business to? What is your headshot saying about you?

Authentic, professional headshots that speak to your client will be your best investment of the year. Kat Squibb Portraits is the premier Headshot Photographer and Personal Branding Specialist of Central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster and Harrisburg

Not just a pretty picture:

In today’s world, clients want to do business with REAL people who they can relate to and trust. It’s more important than ever now for entrepreneurs and professionals to package their personalities and elevate their brands with professional, authentic headshots.


As a headshot photographer and personal branding specialist, my mission is to develop and tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your client; to help you sell yourself to the world authentically so you can be more profitable doing what you love, and to make you look as professional and approachable in your headshots as you are in real life.

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