Soulful Yoga Instructor Modern Lancaster Headshots

The ever soulful Candita wanted me to create some strong & gorgeous Personal Branding portraits that really resonate with her clients. Candita is a stylish Stella and Dot consultant, a brilliant Yoga Instructor, and an absolute beautiful soul. We had so much fun playing around with her branding portraits for her thriving businesses and capturing the magic that just draws her clients to her and makes her an influencer in her community.

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Lancaster Headshots of a Master Connector and Influencer

Sarah is an amazing, passionate, and gorgeous woman who is usually taking care of others- whether in her role as a mom, or as a master networker at Rockstar Connect; and it was finally her turn to be pampered, cared for, and seen for the powerhouse of a woman she is! Sarah came to me for some amazing personal branding portraits and more modern headshots in order to let he vibrant personality shine and to create an authentic connection to her vast audience. 

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A Bun in the Oven

This Goddess is my gorgeous long-time friend from middle school!! Lindsay and I have kept in touch throughout the years and countless moves and I was so happy to have relocated up to Lebanon, Pennsylvania (only 30 minutes from my dear friend!). Lindsay and her husband Stephen are expecting their third boy and I am so happy I was able to create her portraits while she's in this beautiful time of creation.

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A Mother's Wish

I love when I have a mother and daughter in the studio that are just the best of friends! I have known mom for a while and when she heard about our Dear Daughter book project, she couldn't wait to get her beautiful and talented daughter involved! This young lady is a little fireball of energy and loves gymnastics and playing the violin. As the only girl with three brothers, I knew we had to do something a little more feminine and whimsical for her with a gorgeous flower wall!!

Mom's wish for her daughter is to "Go out into this world with enthusiasm and take your self confidence, your giving heart full of kindness, and your creative soul so you can achieve your goals and live happily! I am so proud of you and continually impressed by your creativity, your strong work ethic, and the generosity of your heart!"

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Mother and Daughter Portrait Session

Mother and Daughter shoots are some of my favorite portraits sessions! I love meeting the little girls, the young women, and the mothers who share a special bond. Last year as I was working on my book, Dear Daughter, I've had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing young women and hearing the wishes their mothers have for them as they grow up. I have been dying to share the beautiful portraits we came together to create. These beautiful girls share their love of cheer and everything girly! Mom wanted them to be a part of this project to show them how beautiful they were. 

Mom wants her daughters to know "Don't ever doubt yourself, you are destined for huge things in this life! I am so incredibly proud to call you mine and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!"

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Raleigh | Beauty Photographer | Why Book a Glamour/Boudoir Portrait Session?




I run into a lot of women who find it very hard to justify spending money or time on themselves, especially for a photoshoot of JUST them! As a mother and wife, I too have trouble doing things for myself. My kids and husband are the center of my world. But I also know the importance of taking time out for myself to unwind, refresh, and to feel sexy again. I encourage you to take some time out for yourself to get a portrait session done, and here’s why:






Reason #1: It’s a great mood and self esteem booster!

As a new mom to a 13 month old and a 7 week old, I am personally covered in one of my child’s bodily fluids at any point in the day. It’s not uncommon for it to be two in the afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. Hahaha. We all get into a rut at some point, especially when you’re juggling your kids, household duties, job, errands, husband, etc. It’s hard to take time out for yourself to just feel like a woman. We all deserve to take a few hours out for ourselves (even if it’s just once a month) to get pampered and glammed up and to reconnect with the gorgeous bombshell inside us! And as guilty as we feel for doing so, it is a definite mood and self esteem booster!

Reason #2: To have an awesome bonding experience with your mom, grandmother, sister, or best friend!

I asked fans on my facebook page how many of them had great photographs with just their mom, grandmother, or siblings and shockingly not many people could say they had any! I know I’m guilty of such but plan to change that the next time my family comes down to visit me. These very important people in our lives won’t be around forever and having some great memories and photographs with them to treasure is an important thing to have. I’m sure your kids and grandkids will appreciate having these photographs of you as well. Getting a day out with the girls to get pampered, a makeover, and lasting portraits to hang on the wall make an awesome way to spend that precious time with the amazing women in your life.

Reason #3: To celebrate a milestone.

What better way to celebrate milestones in your life such as becoming a mom, grandmother, or a special birthday than custom portraits? Whether it’s a birthday, reaching a weight loss goal, a promotion, or another milestone, you deserve to celebrate it and have portraits to commemorate it! You worked hard to get where you are, and it’s time to celebrate.

Reason #5: To give a unique and amazing gift

Our loved ones are sometimes very hard to shop for. You want to get them something thoughtful, unique, heartfelt, as well as useful. Portraits make great gifts; whether it be a shared experience with your family and friends or an intimate boudoir session for your significant other. Not only will your man’s jaw drop when he sees you all dolled up and looking like a bombshell, but you’ll have intimate portraits that he can look at whenever he wants!


So, do you have you convinced yet?

I have a few session slots available still for August so don’t wait! Feel like a supermodel for the day and have some amazing portraits for life.


Raleigh | Beauty Photographer | Glamour for a Cause

I am often looking for worthy causes and fundraisers to donate to so when I heard about Mellow Mushroom in Fayetteville hosting a St. Baldrick's Shave-a-thon for Children's Cancer, I just had to get involved. I donated a gift certificate for a full glamour session including hair and makeup and was so surprised at the amazing people I met because of it.

Ms. E was a waitress at Mellow Mushroom and is such a kind and giving soul. She voluntarily shaved her head in order to raise money for this cause and her awesome co-workers won this gift certificate for her. When asked why she would shave her head (as I don't know many women who would do this even on a dare), she said that she lives her life trying to have a beautiful soul and jumped at the chance to raise money for an illness bigger than hair or vanity. She says "I was just going to shave half of it but as it got closer to the shaving, I thought of how all those little girls and boys don't have a choice when it comes to them losing their hair, so why should I?" 

Ms. E brought her mother to the session and we had such a blast! These women are stunning inside and out and I am so blessed to be able to have met them. 



Raleigh | Beauty Photographer | Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is fast approaching and what better way to show your mom you care, than to share a portrait session together! These sessions are great for moms and daughters of all ages and a great excuse to get all dolled up and have some memories to cherish for a lifetime!