Did you know a child’s self esteem starts to plummet around age 9? Scary, isn’t it? Our stylized children's sessions create an unforgettable and empowering experience for young kids. These sessions include a model-for-the-day experience and stunning images that capture your child’s personality and uniqueness. This experience aims to give your child confidence and a feeling of self-acceptance like never before. Perfect for children ages 5-17.   


What if every child had an opportunity to discover how beautiful and amazing they were?   If you could imagine yourself as a young child and tell yourself one thing, what would it be? What message would you leave yourself with? Or leave your son or daughter with?


Mine would be to just be yourself. To be your awesome, wacky, beautiful self and forget about what anyone else says or thinks. Forget about the size 0 models in your magazine, or the drop-dead gorgeous singer on the radio, or the rugged football star. You are awesome. And so much more beautiful, inside and out, than any of your peers. Whether you want to play basketball, or play in the mud and climb trees, or sit outside and lose yourself in a dozen books… you are freaking awesome and the most beautiful person in the world. What message will you leave?