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Getting your products or menu professionally photographed is fast and convenient with Squibb Studios. For small to medium products, simply pick your best samples, package them, and ship them directly to the studio. We'll photograph them in the highest quality, sharpened and professionally lit either on a crisp white background or in a lifestyle/editorial setting. Then you can conveniently download your high resolution and web resolution images from out secure server and save them for your professional and personal use. It's that easy!

Have a menu or professional prepared food that needs photographed? We'll bring our portable studio to you! Contact us for more details.

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Specialty Items


We do our best to keep our prices low for our clients. Some items are very time consuming to shoot and must be priced on a half or full day basis. The following is a of list items we consider “specialty items”:


  • Clothing – Clothing can be very time consuming to prep and shoot. depending on what the client is looking for, it may be necessary for us to hire a stylist at an additonal cost.

  • Highly Reflective Items – Highly reflective items such as jewelry, holograms, chrome, etc. require considerably more time to photograph.

  • Oversized Items – Items that are larger than 24” on its longest side.

  • Very Small Items – Items that are under 2” on its longest side.

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